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Location :

  • Next to the Sopuerta Greenway.


  • High Season: €6.5

    • Holy Week: The days that run from the Friday before Holy Thursday and the Sunday following the celebration of Holy Monday.

    • Summer: from June 1 to September 30.
  • Low Season: €6.5

    • The rest of the days that are not included in High Season.

Facilities and services:

  • 14 plots.
  • W.C.
  • Shower (5 minutes of hot water)
  • 14 electricity points (Included).
  • Draining gray and black water. (Free)
  • Water load (100 liters). (Free)
Bookings :
Get to know SUPUERTA:

The town of Sopuerta, the most central of the Encartaciones de Bizkaia (Enkarterri), welcoming and supportive par excellence to all who visit us. It is one of the natural entrances to the region, both for those who come from the left bank through Muskiz, and for those who come from Burgos through Balmaseda and those from Cantabria through Castro Urdiales.

The Valley and Council of Sopuerta is ancestral land par excellence and important lineages took root there. Palaces and armory houses proclaim, even today, the nobility of the place: They are Trucíos, Alcedos, Urrutias, Loyzagas, Revillas, Basualdos, Oquendos, Uriostes, Quintanas, Puentes, Llanos, Muñatones, Vallarías, etc.

Approaching Sopuerta is entering a little-known valley, a territory in which most eras are represented, material testimonies ranging from the most distant times to our most recent past: dolmens and prehistoric burial mounds, traces of the Roman Road Pisoraca-Flaviobriga that linked Herrera de Pisuerga with Castro Urdiales, medieval towers, palaces, churches and hermitages, old hamlets, remains of old mills and forges, Indian houses, ovens and mining towns…

Sopuerta has a very wide and varied artistic heritage, one of the most complete in Bizkaia. And not in vain, our municipality was for centuries the center of political decision for all the lands included in its Abellaneda Assembly House.

Of course, in addition, the municipality of Oporto has an incomparable natural environment of great landscape wealth. Local roads, old mining railway tracks now in disuse and numerous roads make Sopuerta an ideal place for bicycle tours or hiking.

Points of Interest in SOPUERTA:
  • Remains of the Pisoraca – Flaviobriga Roman Road: Herrera del Pisuerga was connected to Castro Urdiales. Built in the 1st century. Several millionaires have been found on this road, one of them being the “Milliario de Abellaneda” – erected to the emperor Caesar Caius Julius Verus Maximinus and dated 238 AD. C., today in the Encartaciones Museum.
  • Avellaneda Meeting House – Encartaciones Museum: It is a monumental complex that dates back to the XIV, formed by La Casa de Juntas, the house of the lieutenant General Corregidor, the Inn of the Junteros, the Comarcarl prison and the Hermitage of the Guardian Angel, where the prisoners watched mass on Sundays from bars, in a 40 m square. by 18 m. It was in the Avellaneda Meeting House where formerly Until the beginning of the 19th century, General Meetings were held de los 10 Concejos o Repúblicas independientes Inserted under the Foral Oak, for this reason It constitutes one of the most representative buildings of the region as a symbol that was of freedoms and franchises in this territory and reliquary of the encartada soul.
  • Greenway: The itinerary connects the urban area of ​​Mercadillo with the El Castaño neighborhood in Sopuerta, partly on the Montes de Hierro Greenway. It leaves Mercadillo towards the north along the narrow sidewalk of the BI-2701 (sections that exceed 10%); pass by the gas station and at the entrance to La Baluga turn west towards the El Hoyo neighborhood; Go up the local paved road, without a shoulder (12% sections); access the Greenway by turning north (sign) and go down gently along the wide gravel track; arrives at El Castaño through El Rayón.