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Location :

  • At the entrance of the town. :


  • All year round: €2

Facilities and services:

  • 40 plots.

  • 4 electricity points: €1/hour

  • Draining gray and black water.

  • Water load.

Bookings :
Get to know CIHURI:

If the Rioja character is known for something, and among them the inhabitants of Cihuri, it is for their proverbial hospitality. It is no coincidence that the Camino de Santiago crosses the region through its spine.

We like to welcome people and make them feel good. In freedom, safely, sharing moments and experiences, talks while tasting a good wine.

​We want to offer you our house which, without a doubt, is yours.

In Cihuri. In La Rioja.

If you are in your house. And we will accompany you through our town for a walk so that you can get to know us better. We will start from our lounge, the Doctor Asuero covered plaza-hall, the heart of our municipality, to begin a tour in which you will discover history, art, the world of wine, gastronomy, as well as the landscapes and natural environments full of life.

Alone, with family or friends. We leave it to your choice. In any case, you will always be welcome.

We want to offer you the best we have, share it with you and enjoy it as if you were born on this earth.

​A land that you want, cordial and authentic.