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Location :

  • At the top of Bermeo, next to the Itxas Gane football field and the Mendiluz Cemetery is the town’s public vehicle parking. Within this parking there is a reserved and exclusive space for motorhomes where access will be controlled by a fence with entry and exit code.


  • High Season: €15

    • Holy Week: The days that run from the Friday before Holy Thursday and the Sunday following the celebration of Holy Monday.

    • Summer: from June 1 to September 30.
  • Low Season: €6

    • The rest of the days that are not included in High Season.

Facilities and services:

  • 19 plots.
  • 19 electricity points.
  • Draining gray and black water. (Free)
  • Water load. (Included in the price of the overnight stay)
  • Load 100 liters of water without overnight stay: €4.15
  • Overnight with filling and emptying of water included.
  • Electricity 12 hours: €5.20
Bookings :
Get to know BERMEO:

Bermeo is the fishing village with the most tradition in the Urdaibai Reserve and, as its fame precedes it, it has been a symbol of whaling, adventurous men and brave women for centuries.

Over time it housed large vessels both for fishing and transporting goods, going from a low-lying fishing port to a high-altitude one that has taken it to travel the world through its fleet, currently spread over 3 oceans. Also known as Tuna Capital of the World (Bermeo Tuna World Capital)

We invite you to explore the special landscape of this enclave of the Cantabrian Sea, maritime heritage of Biscayan history, walk through its port, learn about the history of its streets and legends, delight in the best views of the Urdaibai coast and its picturesque old townIn short, an experience steeped in saltpeter and Basque tradition.

Islands such as Izaro or San Juan de Gaztelugatxe belong to Bermeo, famous for their history, natural beauty and their traditional pilgrimage on San Juan day (June 24). To complete the visit to Bermeo, visit the Municipal Website.

Points of Interest in BERMEO:
  • Traditional Fishing: Bermeo has a long history as a fishing port and is known for its fishing tradition. The port of Bermeo is home to a fleet of fishing boats that contribute significantly (no longer what it used to be) to the local economy.
  • Seafaring Architecture: The historic center of Bermeo features charming cobblestone streets and Basque-style buildings, many of which reflect seafaring architecture. Walking through its streets allows visitors to immerse themselves in the authenticity of the place.
  • Gastronomy: As is typical in the Basque region, Bermeo offers a delicious gastronomic offer. Local restaurants often highlight fish dishes, especially marmitako in summer, a stew based on northern albacore, providing visitors with a unique culinary experience.
  • Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve: Bermeo is part of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO. This protected area is home to a diversity of natural habitats, including salt marshes, beaches, forests and estuaries, which provide a home for various species of birds and marine life.
    • We recommend using public transportation to visit the area. Buying the BARIK card at bus and train stations makes it easier to get around the area at a cheaper price.
  • Outdoor Activities: The surrounding area of ​​Bermeo provides opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, bird watching, and enjoying the nearby beaches.
    • Active tourism companies are a good option to enjoy our environment more and better.